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Volvo’s Latest Application Informs You What To Do Post A Car Accident

Being in a car mishap is traumatic—even the tiniest bump can stress you a lot, and in times of tremendous tension it is simple to forget the normal standards. But Volvo is here to make the complete unlucky experience a bit simpler to control. The firm has just launched Car Accident Advisor, a mobile platform, that will guide you via what to do in case of an accident.

After verifying with customer care of Volvo that you are not in need of emergency help of hurt, you will receive a message to your handset connected you to the platform. The application will then guide you gradually via the required measures you need to perform, such as writing down notes about the mishap, snapping pics of the damage, and getting data about any other cars that were comprised.

All that info is then enveloped in a clean bundle and sent straightly to your insurer, assisting you get on your insurance claim directly. The platform also assists you locate Volvo-based car repair hubs, and can even assist you set up a tow to those plants. Volvo claims that Car Accident Advisor will operate with all of its cars after the model year “2015.5.”

On a related note, Volvo’s outbreak of new security factions may not stop any time shortly. The auto manufacturer is making its Hazard Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert functions (earlier restricted to Norway and Sweden) available all over Europe beginning with the model year 2020 for new vehicles, and as a retrofit update from 2016 and latest cars based on its SPA and CMA services. The road alert give data from Volvo vehicles before to alert you if ice or rain can cause issue, offering you an opportunity to drive carefully before you jeopardize losing control.

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