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Amazon, Apple, Google, And Others Sued For Selling Pirated Recordings

The property lawyers of Harold Arlen, who was accountable for making various other classic songs and the famous Over the Rainbow, is suing Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Pandora for trading unauthorized recordings of some of the most famous music of the songwriter. Forbes claims that the court case claims the firms are comprised in a “huge music piracy operation” comprising more than 6,000 pirated recordings.

Arlen made some of the most well-known soundtracks of the last century for Hollywood movies and Broadway musicals identically. Over the Rainbow, which he made together with the lyricist E. Y. Harburg for The Wizard of Oz movie, in 1939 got an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Arlen also made music for the 1954 edition of A Star is Born and worked together with songwriters such as Johnny Mercer and Ira Gershwin. Arlen took leave from the world in 1986.

It is possible to see some of the illegal editions mentioned in the court case in online shops. For instance, there are 2 copies of the Once Again… album by Ethel Ennis accessible to stream on Apple Music, but the cover of one has been changed to eliminate the RCA Victor icon.

On a related note, a shareholder for Alphabet (Google’s parent firm) has sued the tech behemoth, blaming it of hiding sexual harassment claims in opposition to some of its leading officials. The court case filed by James Martin (shareholder) claimed that the board of directors for Alphabet, comprising Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt, were directly comprised in the coverup.

Martin supported his case with details from board meetings of Alphabet in 2016 and 2014 concerning Amit Singhal and Andy Rubin, respectively. Both ex-Google officials left the firm after complaints for sexual harassment—Rubin, specifically, got a $90 Million exit package although an internal probe found the claims credible against him.

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