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AMD Claims Its Processors Are Immune To Crippling New Flaws

As if Meltdown and Spectre were not sufficiently bad, scientists lately revealed 4 new CPU errors: RIDL, Zombieload, Store-to-Leak Forwarding, and Fallout, dubbed as MDS flaws. They are sufficiently serious that Intel-supported PC users require patching them instantly, which will unluckily affect performance—particularly in multi-threading mode. On the other hand, AMD users are fortunate. On its site, Intel’s competitor claimed that its processors are immune to the issues thanks to in-built checks for hardware protection.

Carrying on with the bad news for Intel, Phoronix (Linux-specialist website) conducted tests displaying that the patches can considerably affect performance. Intel devices operated 16% slower on average with the hyper-threading enabled and new upgrades installed, in comparison to a 3% hit on AMD processors.

To make things worse, Google and Apple have suggested Intel consumers to entirely turn off hyper-threading on Intel processors if they really need to be safe. That can lead to performance drop by 40–50%, relying on the app. Again, AMD processors do not need to be patched for the new errors, and there is no need to turn off SMT simultaneous multi-threading), which is equivalent of AMD for hyper-threading by Intel.

On a related note, now that AMD has revealed its 2nd-generation Ryzen processors for “daily use” laptops, it is turning its focus to the pro crowd. It is launching a new series of Ryzen Pro chips targeted at “premium” (but still extremely portable) work devices. The 4-core Ryzen 5 Pro 3500U, Ryzen 3 Pro 3300U, and Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U all take benefit of the Vega graphics and upgraded 12nm design to deliver sensibly speedy 3D modeling and other jobs that are not always practical on normal devices. The “pro” section mostly arrives via their sheer flexibility—they have a safety co-chip and are developed for “commercial-grade” dependability.

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