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Huawei To Tie Up With Aptoide To Find A Replacement For Google Play Store

The trade war between China and the United States is on and the consequences have become prominent straight away. As part of the war, a total Huawei ban in America has led to many American companies, including Google, terminating all their ties with the Chinese giants. Huawei though, is all set to launch a backup plan as it begins its hunt for an apt replacement of Google Play Services.

With the ban delayed for 90 days, Huawei will have their task cut out to find a backup plan in time. They have had their Android License revoked along with ARM and Android Q Beta Program becoming unavailable to them going forward. In their immediate backup plan, Huawei has asked developers to submit their apps on the App Gallery, Huawei’s own version of Google Play Store which comes pre-installed in every Honor and Huawei device. As for their secondary backup plan is concerned, they well might join hands with Aptoide, a platform that offers over 900,000 apps with over 100 million users. Either way, Huawei looks all set to get all the apps available to their users before time runs out on them. The biggest problem that will remain for them will be providing updates on their flagship devices.

On the contrary to this possible tie up, another news broke out stating Huawei are trying their bit to work things out with Google. Abraham Liu, Huawei’s representative to the EU institutions, expressed his discontent with the US government, stating their act to be “plain bullying”. Google refused to comment anything on the comments, but the Chinese Giants remain optimistic with their approach. The US government has delayed the ban by 90 days to make this transition a little smoother, but post that period, it is going to hit the Chinese as well as the businesses in the United States.

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