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Latest Snub By Zuckerberg Could Land Him In Contempt Of Canadian Parliament

Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg have snubbed an official command and risk being responsible for contempt of the Canadian Parliament. The couple was called in Ottawa to a hearing, projected to be held next week, but have verified that the firm’s director of public policy Neil Potts and head of public policy Kevin Chan instead will go on their behalf.

The discussion will bring together lawmakers from minimum 10 nations to talk about effect of Silicon Valley on democracy and privacy—the first meeting of its type happened last year in London. Speaking to the media, Bob Zimmer, the head of the Canadian parliamentary group who sent the command, claimed that the group symbolizes almost 450 Million individuals—a bigger population in comparison to the US. “It is not that difficult to jump on a plane and remove some time to listen from legislators and solve their doubts,” he claimed.

Whether or not Sandberg and Zuckerberg—who have earlier testified before the US Congress on the privacy issue—will be held in contempt, is a choice that will be determined by the entire Parliament. “Nobody is going to arrest them, but to be held in contempt by a complete nation might not serve any service well,” claimed Zimmer. Zuckerberg has frequently overlooked similar requests from other agencies earlier.

On a related note, earlier Chris Hughes (Facebook co-founder) claimed that he has joined the chorus of prominent voices asking the regulators to break up Facebook. In a media op-ed, he claimed that Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO and his college roommate) had “unverified power” and that his “influence is stumbling, far beyond that of anybody else in government or in the private industry.”

“Mark is a kind and good person. But I am annoyed that his aim on progress led him to give up security and civility for clicks,” Hughes claimed.

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