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Investment Strategy For Georgia To Be Reconsidered If ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law Is Passed—Netflix

There has been a huge controversy in Georgia regarding the passage of an abortion law where a woman is restricted to terminate her pregnancy after the heartbeat is detected. Netflix, in spite of all the conflict would not stop filming in Georgia. However, later the company mentioned that they would have to reconsider investing in Georgia in case the bill gets effective. This statement has been made after several people from TV and film industry strictly said that they would refuse working in that state if the law is executed.

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix said on May 28, 2019, that the company has numerous women in production who are from Georgia. Their rights as well as rights of thousands of other women would be highly interfered by law. He also said that the company would work alongside ACLU and many others to protest against this in the court. However, in the current scenario where the law has not been implemented till now, filming would continue in Georgia. Netflix would not force artists or partners who do not agree to work there. If the law gets properly implemented throughout Georgia, they would surely reconsider regarding their entire investment in Georgia.

Till 30% tax credits of the state drew in more than about 450 television and film projects in the last financial year. It also helped rise around $4.5 billion wage and made an economic impact of more than $9.5 billion. Certain big projects like Disney’s “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Black Panther”, “The Walking Dead” of AMC and “Ozark” of Netflix. Lately, “The Hunting of the Hill House” and “Queer Eye” has also been filmed by Netflix in Georgia. Actors like Mark Duplass have pleaded to boycott continuing filming in Georgia till the law is taken down. Many in production team have however said that boycotting filming in Georgia would deprive the locals of work and not fight state laws.

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