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NASA Reveals Firms Shortlisted For Moon Mission

Space agency NASA stated that it will soon reveal the details of firms that will be part of its Artemis lunar landing program and will also showcase these landers in a live broadcast. During its live broadcast of NASA Science Live program it will reveal details of first commercial service providers that will deliver its payloads to the moon which is part of its Commercial Lunar Payloads Services. The missions will gather new scientific details and measurements to enable demonstrations of technology driven by data and provide exploration systems that will help astronauts from NASA to travel to the moon by 2024–said NASA’s officials.

Jim Bridenstine the chief of NASA had stated last year during November that agency had picked up nine firms to participate in its prestigious CLPS program which includes Firefly Aerospace, Intuitive Machines, Master Space System, Moon Express, Deep Space Systems, Astrobotic Technology Inc., Lockheed Martin Space and Orbit Beyond. NASA has set aside funds of around $2.6 billion which will be spent over a period of 10 years for the CLPS program and each of the 9 firms are likely to get nearly $25,000 for their participation though individual contracts will vary depending on their service.

During February NASA had announced that 12 payloads will be sent to the moon of which 10 are scientific experiments and two are technology based demonstrations to study the presence of hydrogen on the moon, collect data about entry, descent and landing, measure level of radiation and test advanced new solar rays besides doing other things.  Sending crew to the moon is not the only goal for Artemis and its long term aim is to establish humans on and around lunar surface for long periods as a prelude to sending humans to Mars. Lunar surface is being regarded as an ideal stepping stone for preparing astronauts for the long travel to Mars.

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