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AMD’s Upcoming Third Generations Chips To Snatch A Slice Of Intel’s Market Share

Shares of AMD have increased by 12% and the day closed by increased 10% shares on May 28, 2019. This was after a declaration regarding upcoming chips. Analysts predicted that the company would be able to raise their share market from rival company Intel. On May 26th 2019, during the Computex Industry Show held in Taipei, AMD mentioned regarding many latest 3rd generations Ryzen chips used in PC which would be launched in July. They would be used extensively in the company’s core technology named Zen 2.

AMD has told that one of their Ryzen chips has been outstanding in performance of a CCPU, giving 16% better result compared to Intel. In order to make a comparison, AMD made use of a chip that Intel had declared in 2018. An Intel spokesperson said that system of AMD was tuned. Still, they went ahead to make the comparison with old product without providing new software required for the workload. The spokesperson also mentioned that if they possessed, 2nd generation processors of Intel Xeon Scalable would take the best position.

As of May 28th 2019, Intel closed at 2% less. Kevin Cassidy, chief of Stifel analysts said that this is a huge achievement for AMD. In the past 50 years’ history, AMD has never surpassed Intel when it came to CPU lead process technology or performance lead. He also said that it is a big time for investors as well because AMD might speed up their gains in PC market share because of high performance, least power usage, least cost and easy up gradation process. Stifel analysts have also predicted that due to increased market share – average selling price would increase and get higher gross margin. The latest 3rd generation Epyc chips used in “Zen 2” would be launched during third quarter.

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