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Space Travel Results In Biological Changes In Human Body

Travel to the moon which till now was meant exclusively for astronauts may soon become an adventure trip for people that have the money and passion if four ambitious private operators have their way. But till now few of the excited travelers have paused to study the effect of space travel on human body and how its biology, physiology, chemistry will be impacted. It takes around 300 days to reach Mars as its located 57 million kilograms from Earth so what is likely to be happen to the human body in transit during this period?

To understand this issue NASA started an experiment to test the changes which happen to biological features of an astronaut stationed in space at the International Space Station located around 400 kilograms above the earth which completes several orbits around us on a daily basis. Astronaut Scott Kelly was made part of this experiment and placed on ISS for a year and measured his biological parameters till he was there. They compared his biological patterns with his identical twin Mark Kelly who was on earth and had the same biological measurements as him. This was a brilliant strategy to monitor changes as differences can be attributed to space travel.

Out in space humans feel weightless while on earth it allows us to stay on the ground and while walking the fluids of our body flows downwards and it needs pumps and valves to circulate them across the body against gravity. But these movements of the body fluids are likely to be affected in space. Scientists are also concerned about exposing humans to ionizing radiation(IR) that arises from cosmic rays, solar flares etc. that can affect astronauts in space. The study of both brothers showed that IR had some effect on Scott Kelly and microgravity led to minimal changes in his cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular structure and his vision too became blurred. But he became normal within few months.

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