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All’s Not Well Between “Special Friends” US And UK

US President Trump’s visit to Britain brings forth possibilities of diplomatic peril, with differences regarding Iran and Huawei and a Conservative Party leadership. Donald Trump arrived in UK with his wife for his first state visit to the country, which will include banquet dinner and private lunch with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, visit to Westminster Abbey and tea with Prince Charles. The visit takes place during a turbulent time with cracks beginning to appear in the special transatlantic relationship.

Analysts fear that situation will worsen due to ‘impulsive and off-the-cuff’ leadership style. Cailin Birch of EIU said that trade conflicts with nations globally show Trump’s ‘American First’ approach toward bilateral partnerships. Also, his combative attitude toward conventional western allies reflects fundamental shifts in US foreign policies. Some in UK and US pride themselves for sharing a commercial, political and cultural bond that is referred to as the ‘special relationship’, a phrase that Winston Churchill first used back in 1946 to refer to overcoming of loss of life, terror and global turmoil of Second World War by UK and US together. The bond has existed since then, facilitated by cultural and commercial links and helped by fight against ISIS, common interest in Iran, shared language and willingness to become allies in military operations. But Trump’s reign has given rise to uncertainties regarding American bond with UK.

Conservative Party leadership contest may not be a thing of concern for US, furthering possibility of a diplomatic pitfall. Also, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation because of immense political pressure regarding the nation’s Brexit impasse. Simmering dispute regarding Huawei, the Chinese tech giant is another matter of urgent concern. Even with US having blacklisted the company, UK still allows restricted business with it as it has great potential for changing ways in which humans interact with newer technologies, possibly resulting in US limiting intelligence sharing with UK. Additionally, issues surrounding Iran are far from over. Although both nations want Iran to stop nuclear weapon acquisition, they have different approaches planned to achieve that goal.

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