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The SF90 Stradale-Ferrari’s Lethal Hybrid Meant For The Streets

Luxury carmaker Ferrari has recently launched its most powerful electric hybrid car called the SF90 Stradale. The car’s 986 horsepower engine is powered with three electric motors and is the carmaker’s first plug-in hybrid model which is not meant for the racetrack. The powerful car has a 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 which can generate 769 hp but it gets additional 217 hp from three electric motors two of which are located in the front and one powers the rear wheels. All this extra power helps the power-horse to zoom from 0 to 62 mph within 2.5 seconds and then reach cruising speed of 211 mph.

Though this is not the first plug-in Ferrari with V12 internal-combustion engine, the SF 90 Stradale was named in honor of the automaker completing 90 years in the world of Formula1 racing. The car may be fast but one cannot drive far in it with only battery as its all electric mode has mileage of only 16 miles. Engineers of Ferrari had to work with several complex problems while adding the hybrid system to its main body as it lead to increase in weight by 595 pounds.

To manage the weight issue the carmaker had to make some parts of the body with carbon fiber but besides that its engineers made a few clever additions. They used hybrid engine for reverse which enabled them to take out the reverse gear from its eight speed gearbox that enabled better utilization of hybrid motor besides saving weight. The team also had to improve the aerodynamics of the car’s design to make it more efficient and enhance its down-force. To make it happen the team lowered the cover of its engine and also created new front-end systems along with a new diffuser. The question that emerged in everyone’s mind was the likely price range of this mew model as dealers say it will be priced lesser than La Ferrari.

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