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Sex-Changing Striped Maple Tree Could Be Cause For Rising Allergies

There are cars covered in pollen filling the streets and it has become the reason for allergy in the many of the citizens. The allergy causes sneezing, itching of the nose, and headaches for many of the sufferers. Though the term sex may be considered relevant for only the animals in reality plants also have quite an interesting role in a similar action. In certain plants, the male and female flower is present in one plant itself.  It has been found that 90% of the flowering plant species have both sexes and the rest 10% have different flowers present in different species. In the current study, researchers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick have found the striped maple trees to show a unique activity of changing sexes around the year.

For example, this year the tree may be male and the very next female. However, the male trees are found to survive more compared to the female ones. The researchers are still working on how the changes take place and which genes play an important role in it. The environmental factors influence on the change is also been investigated in addition to the genetic influence. The shift in the sex change could be hampered by positional change or cutting of branches is also being checked.

Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann headed team tested a group of people from Augsburg, Germany, for allergies. The researchers from the University Center for Health Sciences which is a part of the University Hospital Augsburg (UNIKA-T) have bifurcated between perennial or non-seasonal allergies that is house dust, animal hair, and mite allergies from the seasonal allergies triggered by grass pollen as well as the other substances related allergies such as food or beverages. As per the researchers, seasonal allergies are common in anxiety disorder patients while perennial allergies in depression sufferers. The food and drug allergies, on the other hand, have no role in psychosocial disorders.

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