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Trump Executives State China Chasing Blame Game On Failing Of Trade Talks

Recently, US President Donald Trump’s government said that China was chasing a “blame game” in the latest public remarks and a weekend white paper that falsified the trade negotiations amid both the largest economies globally. In a joint statement, the USTR’s (United States Trade Representative) office and the U.S. Treasury restated their vision that China’s negotiators had “backtracked” on significant elements of an agreement that had been mainly agreed, counting an enforcement provision. The USTR and the Treasury stated, “Our persistence on enforceable and detailed commitments from the Chinese is not in any means having a strain to Chinese sovereignty. Instead, the issues talked were common to trade deals and were important to address the systemic difficulties that have contributed to constant and unsustainable trade deficits.”

In recent time, China issued an administration policy paper on the U.S.-China trade war in which it stated that the U.S. bore accountability for setbacks in the discussions, quoting three cases in which Washington had backpedaled on commitments done during the negotiations. Wang Shouwen—China’s Vice Commerce Minister—who is a prominent member of Beijing’s negotiating group, stated while presenting the paper that it will be impossible for the U.S. to use “intense pressure” to force concessions from China.

On a similar note, recently, China issued an official warning to students expecting to go to the U.S., amid escalated tensions amid the two countries. China’s Ministry of Education advised academics and students to “increase their risk assessment” after a surge in visa denials and delays for those who have applied for studying in the U.S. The Ministry in a statement said, “For a period of time now, few Chinese students in the U.S. have tackled situations where their visas were reduced, the visa review period was expanded, the period of validity was also reduced, or their applications were rejected.”

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