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Trump Wants Spray Cheese, Beef Jerky, And Others Listed Under Staple Foods

The Trump administration wants an unhealthy food product that is the spray cheese to become a part of the staple food under the food stamp program. However, most of the consumer group is criticizing Trump for such baseless plans of considering such unhealthy food as a staple item. If the spray cheese is listed then Pimento-stuffed olives and beef jerky could also be added onto the list of staple foods. The US Agriculture Department has put down certain rules and regulations for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The stores to meet up to the criteria put forth by the Department of Agriculture in order to become a part of the SNAP program.

The four staple food categories must have at least 3 types of the staple foods and out of which at least one of them are perishable. The foods such as vegetables or fruits; poultry meat, or fish; dairy products; and cereals or breads are generally termed staple. According to Trump, the new rule says that the jarred pimiento-stuffed olives belong to fruit and vegetables; beef jerky to poultry, meat, and canned spray cheese sauce to dairy. The term staple could have helped the stores save around $500 over 5 years.

The officials have been told to contact the USDA and demand it to erase the idea by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), which is a consumer advocacy group and non-profit watchdog. The Trump Administration seems to be losing track of the rules for the stores that abide by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. The Trump administration wants the retailers to count the spray cheese and other unhealthy products as staple foods. The US Department of Agriculture has been warned that even the middle-class families wish to shop in the stores for real healthy staple foods. Trump has planned to visit the UK by the end of this week with the hope having a decision on the China and the US conflict, correct last year’s issues related to gesture, and the Tehran’s nuclear program.

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