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Airbnb To Buy HotelTonight, The Last-Minute Hotel App

Airbnb is purchasing HotelTonight (the last-minute hotel booking service), in another raid on the conventional hotel sector. The HotelTonight booking website and app, which provides day-of hotel reservations at cheap rates, will still work separately, at least for time being. Once the purchase is concluded, Sam Shank (HotelTonight CEO) will spearhead boutique hotel section of Airbnb.

“We begun HotelTonight because we knew users needed an enhanced way to book an astonishing hotel room on-the-go, and we are eager to join hands with Airbnb to bring this offering to guests all over the world,” claimed HotelTonight CEO to the media in an interview.

Airbnb claims that the HotelTonight purchase might assist in its work to develop an “end-to-end travel service.” In different words, Airbnb needs to become a website where people gather for all their travel requirements, not just rentals for vacation. Airbnb started its ascent onto conventional hotels in 2018 by increasing its number of boutique resorts, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and other services more than two times.

Speaking of Airbnb, Airbnb consumers can now book reservations of restaurant on their mobile application for foodies all over the U.S. in conjunction with accommodations. The newest development for the Airbnb app catches up to Facebook City Guides and Google Trips that also permit consumers to book restaurants straightly from their pages. The decision builds on larger ambitions of Airbnb to turn out to be more than just a vacation short-term rental service and develop into a practical travel agency.

The feature is at first being launched out for restaurants all over the U.S. in leading dining cities such as Los Angeles, New York, DC, Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Charleston, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Portland, Nashville, and New Orleans. Dissimilar to other online booking websites, on the other hand, the choosing of restaurants will be a selected list sporting award-winning and local favorites dining destinations such as Han Oak in Portland and Petit Crenn in San Francisco.

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