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Air Force Asks For $2 Billion Rise In 2020 Budget For Space Plans

In the financial year 2020 budget, the U.S. Air Force is requesting $13.8 Billion for its space programs. Officials proclaimed this week that the amount requested is almost 17% ($2 Billion) surplus the $11.8 Billion that Congress enacted in the financial year 2019.

Most of the space portfolio, approximately $10.3 Billion, is used in funding the expansion and procurement of space technologies such as ground systems, satellites, and launch services. The remainder as well covers staff, training, and operations expenditures linked with space activities. The huge rise requested for the financial year 2020 is to speed up the growth of next-generation satellites, according to Carolyn Gleason, Air Force budget deputy, at the Pentagon. She said that the agency is growing its RDT&E, which is the account backing the research, development, trials, as well as evaluation of novel systems.

On a similar note, the U.S. Air Force came into the news as it is involved in commencing the high-intensity air-to-air fight exercise named Red Flag 19-2. This activity is supposed to be carried out at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, the U.S. Planned to be conducted until March 22, 2019, the 2-week exercise is supposed to be hosted north of Las Vegas within the military training area named Nevada Test and Training Range.

The international exercise is supposed to comprise forces and aircraft from various countries such as the U.S., the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. About 80 aircraft are estimated to participate in exercise Red Flag 19-2. It includes F-16 fighter aircraft from Belgium, RSAF’s (the Republic of Singapore Air Force) F-15SG fighter aircraft, KDC-10 tanker aircraft from the Netherlands, F-35 fighter aircraft from Norway, F-15SA fighter aircraft by Saudi Arabia. Participating assets also involve the US’ EA-18G and F-15E fighter aircraft.

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