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Around 2,610 Years Ago, Earth Was Hit By A Solar Super-Storm

At times, our Sun generates extremely energetic particles that are hastened either by shock waves linked to coronal mass ejections or by magnetic reconnection within solar flares. Such energetic particles then pursue paths along the interplanetary magnetic field lines that along with the event’s location on the Sun, resolve whether these particles have struck the atmosphere of Earth.

These incidents, known as SPEs (solar proton events), pose a menace to modern society taking navigation & communication systems, commercial aircraft operations, and space technologies, into consideration. Proof of such events is registered in annually resolved natural archives, like ice cores (bored ice samples) and tree rings.

To study more about SPEs, Professor Raimund Muscheler of Lund University and his team from France, Sweden, Korea, Switzerland, the US, and the UAE, examined ice cores from Greenland. The substance entailed proof of a very strong solar storm that took place in 591 BC. Professor Muscheler said, “If that solar storm had taken place at present, it could have had a rigorous impact on our high-tech society.”

It’s only the 3rd such incident reliably logged and is analogous to the strongest SPE identified at 775 CE. Professor Muscheler explained, “We also participated in a study that substantiated the existence of 2 other huge solar storms, utilizing both the old trees’ annual growth rings and ice cores. Those storms occurred in 994 CE and 775 CE. Although these giant solar storms are uncommon, our finding demonstrates that they are a naturally reoccurring effect of solar activity.”

Likewise, an international group of researchers directed by a scientist from the University of Helsinki and Trinity College Dublin declared a major finding on the very nature of solar storms. The researchers demonstrated that solar storms can hasten particles concurrently in numerous spots by merging information from the Low-Frequency Array with pictures from NOAA, ESA, and NASA spacecraft.

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