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Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp Still Down For Few Users Globally

Facebook and Instagram seem to be partly down for few users globally. While the users are able to open both the platforms and few services seem to have been re-established, they are reporting problems with posting to the feed on all Facebook products, sending messages on Messenger, and accessing other features on Instagram,, and WhatsApp. Even Oculus VR, Facebook-owned firm, is experiencing problems related to the outage.

Earlier in the day, WhatsApp appeared to be okay for numerous people. However, users in India, Paraguay, Argentina, Bangladesh, and so on noted that they started experiencing problems with sending messages as the afternoon went on. DownDetector signifies that Brazilians were witnessing the most critical outages. The Verge tested numerous accounts and discovered that, on the desktop, Messenger couldn’t load at all. At the same time, the mobile app was found to be working properly.

On a similar note, WhatsApp came into the news as it took few measures to restrict the spread of propaganda and false news on its platform in India. However, there is more to do to completely protect the platform, according to Abhijit Bose, Head, India, WhatsApp. In his foremost statement following taking charge of the messaging platform as the head of operations, India, early this year, Bose proclaimed that the firm trusts that private messaging is essential to safety.

Bose is in the process to hire the first complete country team outside of California which will be based in Gurugram. He noted that the firm is pleased to make recent changes to restrict the viral content. He added that educating users is showing impact. Bose stated that this work is never done, there is more that the firm can do and it will do. Bose assured that he will be paying attention personally as well as learning in the upcoming months.

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