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“Meng Wanzhou Wanted To Quit Her Job Just Prior To Arrest:” Huawei Founder

In an interview, Huawei’s founder stated that Meng Wanzhou—Huawei’s CFO—had been searching for another job while she was detained in Canada in the December 2018, on the U.S. warrant. Ren Zhengfei—Huawei’s Founder and Meng’s father—also reported to CTV that the two had become closer while she was arrested in Vancouver on December 1, 2018. The U.S. wants Meng to be sent back to face charges that she was involved in bank and wire fraud in contravention of American sanctions alongside Iran. But Meng had denied any wrongdoings. “Almost 1 Month prior to that arrest, she wanted to quit and find a job somewhere else,” Ren told to CTV.

Relations amid Canada and China get worse sharply following Meng’s arrest. China has detained two Canada citizens on national safety grounds and retried another citizen who had previously been condemned on drugs accusations, this time sentencing to death. “Meng has done no crime. She did not infringe any Canadian regulations and I believe both Huawei and Canada are victims as this case has impacted people in both the countries and two-sided relations also suffered impedes,” stated Ren. Huawei is a top producer of equipment for 5G, which is the next-generation of cellular communications. Canada is examining whether the tech giant would be able to propose for 5G contracts, given apprehensions on how secure the technology is.

On a similar note, recently, a lawyer associated with Huawei’s CFO case told to the court that there are some “serious concerns” in the case owing to Donald Trump’s remarks. A lawyer for Meng Wanzhou has blamed Canada of allowing the U.S. to trail her extradition in spite of the “political nature” of the case, highlighting comments by the U.S. President Donald Trump, at an event in British Columbia’s Supreme Court. Richard Peck, one of her lawyers, called it “an unusual case”, stating he had fear about Trump’s role.

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