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Aiming Stem-Like Cells Can Avoid Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Ovarian cancer is not the most usual type of cancer, but it is amongst the deadliest. That is due to 70% of cases recur. A recent study by scientists at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, University of Pittsburgh, MWRI (Magee-Womens Research Institute) and several other collaborating institutes targets the origin of reappearance with novel drugs targeted at eradicating stem-like ovarian cancer cells. The research was published in the journal Cell Reports. The study found a new experimental medication—673A—which particularly wipes out the stem-like cells that are likely to linger after chemotherapy. In the mouse replica of ovarian cancer, incorporated treatment with 673A and chemotherapy, the therapy resulted in larger survival rates.

Ronald Buckanovich—Director of the OCCE (Ovarian Cancer Center of Excellence) of MWRI—stated, “You can consider stem-like cells as seeds. They place down roots and develop into a plant. When we treat cancer, we are fundamentally mowing the lawn. And it is like a dandelion plant. But the issue is that dandelions forever come back.” Reportedly, chemotherapy kills 90% to 99% of cancer cells, but since it leaves the stem-like cells after, cancer can reoccur. By comparison, it is potential to transplant 50,000 non-stem-like cancer cells and not develop a tumor.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that AI (artificial intelligence) curbs lung cancer screening false positives. By using machine learning, scientists at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a method to considerably lower false positives devoid of missing a single case of cancer. The research was published in the journal Thorax. This is the very first time AI has been implemented to the question of hammering out benign from fatal cancerous nodules in the lung cancer screening. Nationwide, almost a quarter of scans turn up in indicating nodules in the lung—which is a positive outcome—but fewer than 4% of those individuals actually have cancer.

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