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3D Printed Artificial Hair’s Tangible Applications

The researchers from the MIT Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are known for their 3D printing techniques or for some of their most unusual projects. The glass 3D printer along with Stratasys partner Neri Oxman head the lab’s Mediated Matter Group. Fab Labs Founder Neil Gershenfeld and Tangible Media Group are all experts in this filed. The Tangible Media, Professor Hiroshi Ishii, and Professor Jerome B. Wiesner of MIT have combined biological concept with atoms by altering the dynamic physical form into computation and digital information. The lab is focusing on converting digital data into a physically interactive means.

The Tangible Media Group’s scientists have used 3D printing for extension of structures of hair and thus, the project has been named Cilllia. A pixel-based geometry of the hair was developed in Cilllia that lets the 3D printers use the design for the printing purpose and make the necessary pixel additions for further modifications in terms of thickness, texture, height, and angle. The change in the arrangements can also be made using pixels. The artificial 3D printed hair was designed in the curved arch, linear horizontal, curved waves, linear diagonal, and curved circular arrangement. These different arrangements made different potential movements possible. After a detailed study of SLA-3D printable shapes, the project helped create a varied range of products for a number of applications based on the structures.

The researchers have used the 3D printed hairs so convert the phone vibrations into the rotary motion of a windmill and similarly, in another case, Cilllia placed at the bottom of ballerina figurines to help them make dance moves the time the music is played. The artificial hair can also be used to create switches or adhesives. The hairy surface is used by the team for creating an acoustic sensor type platform when connected to Piezo microphone so as to switch on the light. The hair’s exceptional capability of sensing the slightest of the alterations in the environmental conditions is what the researchers have put to use.

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