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Android Phone Screen Mirroring Feature With Windows 10 Preview Launched

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with the mirroring of the screen for the Android phone. The update replaces version 18353 of Windows 10 that was available for testers on March 8 and version 18356. These versions are of the 19H1 branch, which signify the Windows 10 update that will turn up in the first half of 2007 this year and probably, would be for Windows.

Windows 10 was developed as a service, which means it regularly receives new functions. So far, Microsoft has released six major updates. This includes November Update, Updates for Creators, Anniversary Update, April 2018 Updates, Fall Creator Update, and more in October 2018.

We still do not know if the next update will be called the Windows 10 update of April 2019. However, we know that Windows 10 will be upgraded to the 1903 version.

Your Phone was the earlier update which let the user access of your content, such as text messages, notifications, and photos, on the Windows 10 computer. Microsoft is also allowing testers to try out with screen mirroring, which it revealed in October.

Feature named as phone screen, displays your Android display directly on your PC. This gives you access to all applications on your phone without having to unlock your phone. If you want to enjoy a larger screen, keyboard and mouse, you need to have version 1.0.20701.0 or later of the phone and the latest version 19H1. On the phone side, you need Android version 7.0 or higher, but Microsoft limits the compatibility for four devices at the moment: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 +.

With the addition of Android screen mirroring feature, Microsoft has also released the Windows Sandbox and Notepad app with the new Windows 10 preview.

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