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A Unique Meteorite Found Earth Could Help Unravel The Red Planet Secrets

The US Army and NASA are studying meteorites from Mars so as to gather more information about the Red Planet. The researchers have named one of the samples Black Beauty and it is found to be 2 billion years old. It is found to possess water, thus giving it a completely unique identity from the rest. The scanning of the footages has shown scientist at the Army Research Laboratory making use of CT scans for an in-depth study on the interiors of metal and rock and thereby develop 3D high-quality images. The Black Beauty looks just similar to a baseball and weighs about half a pound.

According to Army Materials Engineer Dr. Jennifer Sietens, it is one of the historical and unique Martian meteorites to have been found on Earth. The current study has also proved the presence of water along with some evidence. The partnership between NASA and ARL could open new avenues for space research. The ARL is supporting the mission of traveling to Moon and Mars, as well as encouraging national space policy. The army is leaving no stone unturned for bringing about advancement in science.

The X-ray CT scan helps only detect certain non-identifiable defects or voids that are present within the material before testing. The researchers test every bit of meteorite looking for any historical connection. The fact about analyzing stuff landing on the Earth from other planets is something amazing. The study of space is purely based on evidence and theoretical explanation of the gathered object without any glitch so as to make it easy for the peers to understand. The computational analysis and observational calculations altogether give birth to new space science. NASA has currently a new vision of considering colonization on Saturn’s moon, Titan. The atmosphere on the moon is found to help life forms survive due to the thick covering of clouds of dust and gas. Titan also has less exposure to the harmful radiations of the sun. NASA is currently working towards its new goal.

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