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Researchers Claim That Apple AirPods Use Might Be Unsafe

Through huge research and innovations, Apple has been continuously trying to push the technology to the next level. Around two-and-a-half years back, it introduced its first smartphone, which doesn’t comprise headphone jack with an aim to launch its exclusive product AirPods, which are wireless Bluetooth headphones.

But currently, a petition released by the United Nations and World Health Origination is recommending people to avoid using AirPods like wireless devices over the huge health risks due to potentially unsafe radiation.

More than 250 scientists across the world have articulated serious risks due to the emission of strong non-ionizing radiation by wireless devices, known as the electromagnetic field (EMF).

In the petition, it is mentioned that on the basis of published and reviewed research, the researchers have some major concerns related to the continuously rising and pervasive exposure to EMF released by electronic and wireless devices.

Several new researchers and scientific publications have exposed that the impact of EMF on living organisms is extremely less than it is cited in most national and international guidelines.

The petition also illustrated that IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) recently concluded that EMF can be able to cause cancer in humans.

Biochemistry lecturer at the University of Colorado, Jerry Phillips told Markham Heid, who is a lifestyle columnist dedicated to writing for Medium that his major concern for AirPods is their adjustment in the ear canal, which exposes all-connected tissues in the head to the EMF.

Though, everyone has their own point of view over the same issue.

Bioengineering professor, Kenneth Foster from the University of Pennsylvania, claims that the proof, when observed in the whole, actually proposes that there are no cancer-causing effects seen by the use of such wireless devices emitting EMF.

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