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IKEA Makes Furniture More Reachable Using 3D Printing

If you are having disabilities, shopping for furniture can be hard. Many common furniture products are not developed considering accessibility, and those that are can be non-existent or rare. IKEA Israel has a tech solution: 3D print pieces that make them simpler to employ. The shop has joined hands with Milbat on ThisAbles, an initiative that offers 3D-printed pieces for furniture that can be rough to employ with particular conditions. Amongst the 13 initial products are bumpers to protect cabinets, simpler-to-grab handles, and lifts to raise couches.

You will have to visit an Israeli IKEA shop to see the products personally, and you can only purchase ready-made products via Milbat. On the other hand, you do not even have to purchase anything if you have some filament and a 3D printer. The designs are accessible for free to make. You can even ask for modifications in case the designs do not fit your 3rd-party furniture. This is less about money and more about motivating furniture makers to mull over accessibility as an essential function, whether it is available as an extra or built into a given design.

On a related note, for over a century, the Swiss Guard has worn a brightly-colored, distinctive dress uniform while defending the Vatican City and the Pope, with only a couple of small tweaks over the years. In 2019, they are making a huge modification: the conventional, metal helmet (dubbed as a morion) is being restored with helmets that are 3D printed.

The equipment and uniforms of the Swiss Guard are permeated with tradition. The current uniform was launched in 1914, motivated by Renaissance-epoch artwork sporting the soldiers. Over a period of time, the Vatican has kept hold of the conventional components of the uniform, using blacksmiths to offer replacement elements for their armor.

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