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WhatsApp Co-Founder Insists Users Delete Their Facebook Accounts, Again

Brian Acton, Co-Founder, WhatsApp, appeared as a speaker at a class at Stanford University earlier this week. He discussed his decision to sell the firm to Facebook. Additionally, while talking with the students, he requested them to delete their Facebook accounts. According to the reports by Buzzfeed News, Acton spoke in an undergraduate course named Computer Science 181. Ellora Israni, another ex-Facebook employee, founder of She++, also accompanied Acton in this event.

During the class, to begin with, Acton disclosed why he took the decision to sell WhatsApp to Facebook. He as well disclosed the reason why he left the firm and condemned the drive to prioritize monetization over user privacy. During discussions, he highlighted that key technology and social media firms such as Apple and Google have struggled to control their content. He proclaimed that these firms are not equipped to make such decisions.

On a similar note, WhatsApp came into the news as it disclosed that it has taken few measures to restrict the spread of propaganda and fake news on its India platform. However, there is more to do to completely secure the platform, Abhijit Bose, Head, India, WhatsApp, proclaimed last week. In his initial statement following accepting responsibility as a head of India operations of messaging platform earlier this year, Bose proclaimed that the firm strongly trusts that private messaging is essential to safety.

Bose added that, in the upcoming months, he will listen personally and learn. He added that he looks forward to working with stakeholders in India on the firm’s common safety objectives. With more than 200 Million monthly active users, India is said to be WhatsApp’s largest market in the world. On the international level, the social media platform holds more than 1.5 Billion active users.

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