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Mars 2020 Mission’s Electronic Brain Is In The Complex Testing Phase

The idea of building a robotic vehicle for future space missions is quite a complex task. Currently, NASA has its solitary rover Curiosity orbiting Mars after the death of the Opportunity giving the much-talked-about Mars 2020 mission even more importance. The space engineers and researchers are testing and tweaking again and again for better equipment development for space travel. The computers on board have a lot of tedious tasks to perform accurate and fast processing of the data capture. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Spacecraft Assembly Facility is the place where the 2020’s mission hardware is kept safe before being put to work on the virtual Martian surface which is in reality present in the rover’s intricate computer brain.

As per the protocol, the Jezero Crater on Mars is the target for the Mars 2020 mission and it is the area of Mars that has never been explored earlier, and NASA’s flight software will have to be advanced to withstand the new challenges arising in the new landing site. During the first trial named Systems Test 1 (ST1), the spacecraft intuitions affirmed the positivity regarding the task. First, the rover landed on Jezero Crater on January 23 followed by a second landing on Mars 2 Days later. The testing if successful is worth a celebration as hardware just as complex as spacecraft. The spacecraft various equipment are made separately and later joined together to check for issues.

The electronic components and software systems are aligned with the flight hardware so as to check for efficiency. The Mars 2020 mission will land on the Red Planet by February of 2021. Once landed it will be the first exploratory hardware to land safely on the planet and bring in many secrets of Mars. NASA has recently found that the Sun has let out an explosion that is a solar flare resulting in the emission of charged particles called coronal mass ejection (CME). These particles will be delivered to the Earth.

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