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Flu Still Widespread In The US, Says CDC

Federal health officials informed on March 29, 2019 that while the flu season is at its peak, influenza has also been widely spreading across United States. A recognized member of domestic influenza surveillance group from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lynnette Brammer commented on the situation. She said that although this week the risk has lessened a bit, but the influence would still be there for a while. The most dangerous kind of influenza is A H3N2 and its affect has been most on older Americans. It has made situation even worse than what was predicted. The lasting of the flu season depends highly on the spread of H3N2 virus. At the moment, only type A has been actively spreading and B viruses has caused a very small percentage in the overall cases of flu.

Although the flu for this season has not been worse as the previous one, but the situation has still been quite pathetic and more than what health officials had predicted. It would still take time for flu to lessen its spread and CDC to finally declare flu season to be over. Brammer cautioned people that in case people have not take vaccination doses yet, there is still time to prevent one from getting affected. And vaccination becomes very crucial to take if one belongs to older groups. Old people are vulnerable before H3N2 virus and its complications. It might also lead to pneumonia.

CDC has spread awareness that people aged 6 months and more should at once get themselves vaccinated. Health departments and health centers have enough vaccine availability with them to help people out. Another important warning is that in case one gets vaccinated during this season, the vaccination should be repeated during next season. This is significant since each season the vaccination differs as per the intensity of risk of virus.

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