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Working In Shift Affects Heart Health Study Reveals

Most of the Americans are working in shifts and latest research has proved that the job is affecting their cardiovascular health. A former Chinese study with 320000 people under their observation had also concluded that people working in shifts have greater tendencies towards developing heart disease. And, the more they continue with this work, the risk would consecutively increase. Dr. Weihong Chen, the chief author for the study had said that although shifts can be more profitable but it definitely causes more harm on the health of the employees. Therefore, people should consider reducing their shifting hours.

Chen’s team of medical experts took the previous data of about 21 studies. It included thousand of participants and about 20000 instances of coronary heart disease. The disease had blocked blood flow into the heart. The study was not conducted with the purpose to prove some cause and consequence but to show that shift workers were more susceptible towards developing heart disease compared to those who worked during daytime. With each year of working in shifts, individuals undertake 1% more risk in having coronary heart disease. Chen and his team had sent their reports on March 29, 2019.

Exact reason behind the cause of coronary heart disease in shifting workers yet remains unknown. However, researchers feel that the most possible reason might be interruption of normal sleep and wake order on a regular basis for almost half of their lifetime takes a terrible toll on their heart. Alongside that, shifting work hours increase anxiety, stress, exhaustion, call for unhealthy lifestyle and food habits etc. Heart issues can get really complicated and a major part of the population in the world stand unprotected to its consequences.

Dr. Satjit Bhusri said that both patients and doctors should be careful about their conditions and work together to make their lifestyle better.

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