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Low Sugar Spells In Seniors With Type 1 Diabetes May Go Unnoticed

Earlier research suggested that when a person is suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, it was a tough job to keep track of the blood sugar levels. It has now been revealed that it might actually be challenging for seniors to avoid hypoglycemia, or less blood sugar. As researchers say, seniors above the age of 60 might be suffering from hypoglycemia for up to 100 minutes a day, without even being aware about the condition.

According to Dr. Anders Carlson, seniors with Diabetes Type 1 may be spending a considerable amount of time every day suffering from hypoglycemia. Dr. Carlson is the director of the diabetes center in Minneapolis.

He said that the hypoglycemia condition could result in severe problems like falls, consciousness loss, ER visite, accidents etc. These symptoms are a result of irregular heartbeats, also known as arrhythmia, which could eventually lead to more severe cardiovascular problems later. He also adds that this condition could put the patient under severe stress.

A person suffering from hypoglycemia should be mentally prepared for treatment at any point of time. A reading of blood sugar which is below 70 mg per deciliter is considered low. If this falls below the 54 mg/dl mark, it could be the onset of more serious symptoms.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes Research in US, when a person is suffering from a low blood sugar level, he experiences headaches, shaking, sweating, blurred vision, fatigue and hunger. As the level takes a further dip there could be a change in a person’s personality and the ability to concentrate. Eventually this leads to seizures, unconsciousness or even death. People who a suffering from hypoglycemia over a considerable amount of time could eventually become resistant to its symptoms developing a condition called the hypoglycemia unawareness. This puts them in a greater life threatening situation. These findings were presented by Dr. Carlson is an annual meeting of the Endocrine society last week.

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