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Misdiagnosis Of Colon Cancer In Young Adults Is Worrisome

According to a survey, which was conducted on 1195 colorectal cancer patients whose age varied from 20 to 49 years in the US citizens, it was found that majority of patients diagnosed with cancer were between 40 to 49 years. The study also revealed an important fact that patients above 50 years of age were diagnosed in early cancer stage, but younger patients were diagnosed with cancer much later stages, for example: in advanced stages which is either 3 or 4.

The findings later suggested that lack of awareness about Colon cancer is the main cause of late diagnosis of the disease. The study also reveals that patients were unaware of their symptoms related to colon cancer and thus reached the clinic late and were diagnosed later. The study further revealed that patients generally visited at least two doctors before actually getting diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer.

Dr. Ronit Yarden, director at medical affairs in Colorectal Cancer Alliance a patient prone organization situated in Washington said that people should be more aware of their symptoms as it is the first sign of any fatal disease and catching symptoms at an early stage of cancer can reduce the chances of fatality. However, there were several limitations of the survey report like more research is to be done on whether the same results appear if the number of patients was increased.

Dr. Paul, who is a medical oncologist in New York, said that common symptoms of colon cancer include constipation, bleeding, and problem going to the bathroom. If these conditions persist one should go to their doctor immediately for a checkup. The thumb rule for the diagnosis of patients who have a family history of colon cancer is that they should be diagnosed at least 10 years before their close relative was diagnosed.

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