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Stress Can Be Relieved By Wishing Well About Others, Study Reveals

A recent study has disclosed the effects of strategies of interconnectedness, loving-kindness and downward social comparison on boosting mood and reducing anxiety.

The study involved one group of collegians to look at people and think well for them from the bottom of their heart. The next group was told to observe people and think of the common hopes, goals or emotions between the two of them. The third group who were following the downward social comparison strategy were told to dwell on the better life they enjoyed in comparison to the people they came across. The control group was instructed to observe people but concentrate only on their physical attributes.

All the participants had to undertake a survey which calculated their stress, anxiety, happiness and empathy levels prior and post experiments. The results were compared to those of the control group.

The findings showed that among all the three strategies, the loving-kindness strategy obtained highest happiness and empathy scores for the participants along with reduced anxiety levels. The wishing-well strategy too enhanced connectedness and care of the participants. The downward social comparison strategy comparatively had no positive effect on the mood and in fact lowered the feelings of empathy and care among the participants. This was because of the competitive nature of this strategy. Though this strategy was not discard-able it did nothing much to lower anxiety and hike the happiness and connectedness quotient as in the other two strategies.

Offering loving-kindness did wonders to alleviate the stress and anxiety levels, enhance empathy and happiness levels besides increasing the social connectedness. The strategy is simple, not time-consuming and can be easily incorporated as a way of life. Irrespective of the type of the personality, it gives valuable results for every individual. The study findings have an important bearing in the digital age of today. Though not tested it has indicated that the resulting emotions due to evaluations done on social media can wreak havoc with our happiness levels.

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