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Amazon’s Cashless Stores Are A Cause Of Concern For Many

Rebecca Esparza feels that cash is a big tool for transactions for homeless people in United States. She is engaged in the noble work of helping the homeless residents of the country. Once herself a homeless person who used to live in shelters, she truly understands the life of people in USA who have limited cash in hand. She also informs the homeless in USA do not have the required tools to access online banking tools, payment applications and to debit cards.

She states that the number of cashless stores is increasing in the economy. For this reason, the homeless people are getting more and more marginalized. This is the time when financial inequality is at its peak as compared with last 2 centuries. The cashless shops are going to increase the same. Esparza is working at the Lawrence Kansas region. She works at an affiliated organization of the NGO, Family Promise. She has the tragic experience of selling her blood to feed her 5 kids. She informs today she can afford cashless transactions but that will be an injustice to people who even today cannot opt for it.

Legislators across the nation are supporting Esparza regarding this. They are taking important steps to slow down the cashless economy. Last month New Jersey has passed an order in which several cashless stores have been banned. Massachusetts already has a legislation passed in 1978 which states that there should be no discrimination between people who can opt for cashless transactions and who can’t. Philadelphia also passed a similar legislation in February. San Francisco is also suggesting closure of cashless stores like Amazon Go and Blue Bottle (owned by Nestle). These stores have started denying cash payments and are testing the process at present. New York, Washington and Chicago have also taken similar steps in recent years.

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