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TikTok Unable To Block Online Predators

As per the investigation of BBC, TikTok, the video sharing app has not been successful in suspending the accounts that are sending sexual messages to children and teenagers. Many videos that have been posted on the app by children receive hundreds of comments that are sexually explicit. While many of these comments were deleted by the company, most of these accounts that posted such comments are still there on the platform. This is despite the rules of TikTok against such messages that are directed towards children.

TikTok said that protection of children has become a challenge and their top priority is promoting a safe environment on the app. Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner of England, said that she will ask TikTok to arrange a meeting so that she can discuss the investigation’s findings. She said that she wants children to enjoy everything that is there on the app, but for this it needs to be made sure that the responsibilities are seriously taken.

The video sharing app has become very popular with teenagers and children. People can post their short videos by dancing and lip-syncing to their favorite comedy skits, songs and other challenges. The company said that the app has 500 million active users every month from all across the world, but the company refused to tell how many of these users are there in UK. The company’s guidelines do not allow the users from using private messages or public posts to harass users who are underage. The guidelines say that if it becomes aware of any sexual targets, exploits that puts children in danger, then it may report such cases or alert the law about it. While most of the sexual comments were deleted in 24 hours, TikTok was still not successful in removing many messages that were inappropriate for children.

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