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Kids Staying Close To Major Roads Likely To Have Slow Development—Study

Apart from the physical safety, highways and main roads are also a hindrance in the development of your child. A study has shown that the kids who live near the interstate highways, state highways and main roads are more likely to score less on communication skills test than the kids who live farther.

The team of researchers has shown that the middle-aged kids who live near any interstate or state highways have lower visual-motor abilities, verbal and nonverbal IQ as compared to the same aged kids who live far from such locations. They also told that there are almost 30-45% of people who live at a distance of 0.3 miles from the main road or highway. The lead study author and Associate Professor at the University of California, Sandie Ha and her researching team have said that they want to learn more in this issue about how it these conditions link up with a child’s development.

The team has conducted its research on 5,000 children who were analyzed by a special screening test. The test evaluated the five areas of development in a child, viz. communication, personal and social functioning, problem-solving ability, motor, and large motor skills. Instead of local and rural roads, the researchers mainly focused on interstate and state highways. They estimate that every child is exposed to two major pollutants i.e. ozone and PM2.5 of fine inhalable particles that are produced by the vehicles. Both of them are extremely harmful to human health as they can easily reach and affect the human respiratory system.

Approximately 23% of kids from the research failed in all five sets of the test. Prof. Ha said that they have found that the kids who live closer to the interstate and state highways i.e. less than 500m are more likely to develop communication skills only after they are three years old.

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