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EU Release Guidelines For Reliable AI—Report

The European Union has released its own guidelines for attaining reliable and trustworthy AI just a week after Google has scraped out its ethics council of Artificial Intelligence. European Commission has set these guidelines as the widespread technology can not only benefit the government and companies but also can put them into a great risk, at times.

EU’ Digital Single Market Vice President, Andrus Ansip said in a press release that ethical dimension of Artificial Intelligence is not an add-on luxury feature but it only creates trust among the humans of the society with which they can benefit from the technology.

The EU has stated Artificial Intelligence system as an intelligent behavior that allows them to determine the environment, surroundings and also to perform different types of tasks. Artificial Intelligence has already been helping the business sector to grow by its variety of functions like analyzing the piles of data. However, the advanced technology is still raising many other questions like how AI will be held in case something goes wrong with accountability or how it will ensure that the programmed algorithms are unbiased.

On Monday, European Union’s Executive Arm presented 7 keys required that will be needed for an ethical Artificial Intelligence which included putting the mechanism into the right place so that it must hold the systems accountable, managing the human oversight and also making the procedures detectable and traceable. These requirements were finalized on the basis of the draft which was prepared in December 2018.

The recommendations from the Commission are also a reflection of efforts by Europe to be a leader of regulating the big technologies in the world. The data privacy legislation was implemented by the EU last year while the tech giants like Apple and Google were fined with huge amounts by the Commission.

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