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NZ Privacy Boss Says FB Morally Bankrupt

It seems like controversy and Facebook always go hand in hand. The recent backlash that Facebook is facing is due to the fact that a group of terrorist live streamed a terror video where they executed 50 people and Facebook was unable to take down the video on time. In the wake of the event, the privacy commissioner of New Zealand, John Edwards heavily criticized Facebook and called it a morally bankrupt organization and a pathological liar.

According to the tweets made by Mr. John, which were later screenshot by the Herald, Facebook cannot be trusted at all. Other allegations included the allowance to stream murder, rape, suicide videos, host the Mosque attack against Muslim, make advertisers target audience according to their race and gender. The worst part is that Facebook never owns the mistake or take responsibility for any harm.

The tweets now have been taken down because it promoted toxic misinterpretation of the content and encouraged a lot of harmful traffic, but only after quite a few people had already read it. Mr. John also said that Facebook encouraged violence against the Rohingya Muslims from South-East Asia by instigating hatred against them. There was a mass genocide.

The double mosque attack in Christchurch where 50 Muslims were executed and live streamed on Facebook was the cause of this rant by John Edwards. The artificial intelligence employed by Facebook was not competent enough to filter and take down the video because it was not trained enough to act in a similar situation. 200 people saw the video on live stream while more than 4000 times it was viewed before being taken down. In terms of the problems it caused, it sounds catastrophic.

Mark Zuckerberg feels that a delay in streaming could have done some damage control but then it would defeat the purpose of live streaming completely as it was developed to let people stay in touch virtually. The explanation has been termed as disingenuous by John Edwards and said that the company would not give an estimate of the number of objectionable videos it streams because they lack the figures themselves.

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