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Uber Failed To Warn Women On Rape Cases Involving Fake Drivers—LA Lawsuit

What comes as distressing news is that nine women were assaulted sexually and molested by fake Uber drivers in Los Angeles and a lawsuit stating the same was filed by three individuals who were assaulted on three different occasions.

According to the lawsuit, the rapes were committed by individuals who called themselves as Uber drivers and picked up the women from near the drinking areas in Los Angeles. It also included the allegation that Uber was informed of the threat by the law enforcement but they refused to take any steps and failed to warn the customers and women against these miscreants. This kind of behavior is being called as extremely irresponsible and negligent.

The suit comes in the wake of the rape of a student of the University of South Carolina named Samantha Josephson, who was kidnapped and later killed by the fake Uber driver after she got into his cab mistaking it to be her ride. Uber was notified about these assault cases and fake drivers at least on 5 occasions by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff County, much before the incident suffered by the first Jane Doe on 18 June 2017. However, all the departments have declined comment on the situation yet.

Uber told CNN that they were not aware of the lawsuit yet and didn’t wish to comment on it prematurely. A spokesperson from Uber said that they were working tirelessly with the law enforcement to educate the people about the safety measures to take while using Uber-like checking the information thoroughly and comparing the license plate etcetera. The lawsuit also claims that Uber facilitated the easy print of Uber labels that were used by the assaulters. What comes really like a shock is the fact that Uber failed to take any steps against these fake drivers.

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