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Alibaba Has New Competition In The Online Grocery Business

It is a well-known fact that everything is becoming online these days and grocery shopping is not at all oblivious to it. Alibaba has been in the business for quite some time now but it has faced recent competition from an organization called Honeybee who can topple Alibaba of its throne by brick and mortar shop.

The new venture by Honeybee involves opening a new cashless store called Habitat which consumers can use to get both, an online and offline shopping experience. Firstly, they scan an app through their smartphone to gain entry into the store. Once they finish shopping, they have to push their cart through a partition into an area which is secured and housing a panel. Then their goods are sorted and scanned by robots while the customers can grab a beverage or food from the Habitat restaurant.

Once the packaging is completed, a notification appears on their app informing them about it and a robot hands it to them. The user of the application also has the option to order the groceries online and get it delivered at home. This technology makes the shopping experience much easier and the inventory is constantly updated based on the data they receive from the users.

The competition that Habitat primarily faces is from Amazon in Singapore and Lazada, which is an e-commerce based platform owned by Alibaba. The sale of grocery through the online retail market has a lot of potential with numbers expected to reach $176 billion by 2022. Habitat could also ensure that HoneyBee makes huge growth in this sector. Some say that the concept of Habitat is close to the Hema store by Alibaba which is based in China.

In this store, people can go cashless as well and use an app to shop and pay. The fact that close to 400,000 people visited the Habitat store since the time it opened and around 85 % of them made some kind of purchase is a good sign that Habitat and Honestbee are on the right path.

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