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Patagonia In A Legal Battle With Anheuser-Busch InBev Over “Copycat” Beer

Apparel firm Patagonia has filed a legal case against parent company of Budweiser beer Anehuser-Busch InBev accusing it stealing its name Patagonia for a new beer. AB InBev just recently started experiencing the local markets with its Patagonia beer which is very successful in Argentina. Though Patagonia was an apparel brand it grew its Patagonia Provisions alongside and brewed its own beer brand Long Root that was launched in 2016 and then launched another beer just a few weeks ago. The firm claimed that it was approached by an AB InBev representative who wanted details on the special grain that it uses in its beer.

Patagonia which is located in Ventura region of California has claimed in its lawsuit that AB InBev used deceiving marketing tools like similar logo while launching its product at ski lodges where Patagonia’s sports apparel are popular which caused confusion among customers. AB InBev also made similar environment friendly promises on its billboards as Patagonia stating that for each case of beer that is sold it will plant a tree. The filing declared that InBev has made every attempt to show to customers that the Patagonia beer sold by it is a product of Patagonia group itself.

Patagonia has requested in its petition that court should recognize AB InBev for infringement and dilution of trademark and compensate for loss of profits including payment for attorney fees and punitive damages. This is the second time that Patagonia is suing InBev of trying to trick customers and trademark infringement. Though Patagonia is accusing InBev for unfair competition in reality InBev already has a US trademark for Patagonia but the plaintiff argues that it should not have been granted to it in the first place.  A similar case was filed by Miller Coors’s last year against parent firm of Budweiser for corn syrup ad campaign and misusing trademark of Miller Cooors in its advertisements.

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