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Human’s Health In Space Is Majorly Sustainable For Up To 1 Year—Twin Study

Recently, NASA conducted a twin study on astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin brother Mark which revealed that the health of a human being could only sustain up to a year in outer space. During his stay in the outer space for around 340 days, Scott Kelly had suffered from a high risk of genetic instability, while collagen and blood vessel regulation is at a lower risk.

While speaking to the press, Platts said that when astronauts travel into space and at high speed and feel low to zero gravity then human bodies start to undergo some radical changes. The study was conducted by a team of 84 scientists from 12 universities who have studied several bodily aspects of Scott while he was in the outer space.

During an exclusive interview with the press, J.D. Polk said that the twin study had helped him to study epigenetics as well as gene expression. Polk further said that the present findings will also help the researchers to design great drugs for astronauts when they travel in the outer space.

During a press interview, Christopher Mason said that though Scott’s body had started to get back to normal after his return to earth, there are few changes which have had a permanent effect on his body. Mason also said that the gene expression of Scott has changed to a dramatic level. He also said that the astronaut is suffering from damaged DNA, T-cells, and cognitive defects.

On his arrival on earth, the telomeres of Scott had become shortened and he suffered from degradation in cellular health. Scientists also connect the shortening of telomeres to several chronic and life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.

Researchers have also noticed a shift in the collagen level in the blood of Scott which produced a high risk to cardiovascular ailments. During a press interview, Platts considered isolation, stress and bodily inflammations as some other factors which had degraded the health of Scott.

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