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Disney+ Launch To Create Competition Among Streaming Services

The premiere of Game of Throne’s final season will be aired this weekend and GOT lovers from all over the world are going crazy to see who’s going to be the next Mad King.

In the midst of launch date and taking subscription of different streaming services, Disney has announced the launch of Disney+. Another top end paid video streaming service. The decided launch date is 12 November and it will be available at $6.99 per month.

This clearly means that by the end of the year, there will be a battle royal among online video streaming services as Disney is providing enough content for the viewers and it will surely raise the question that which one you should subscribe and which one you have to opt out because you probably won’t pay for everything and you have to narrow down your choices.

Its launch is going to be a tough competition for Noggin as they both are kids and family programs services but Disney+ is cheaper. Thus, with cuts of few programs like Dora the Explorer, Paw Petrol and Pegga Pig, Disney+ is going to be a better option.

However, Amazon Prime is in the safe zone of this video streaming service battle as most of its users are loyal to its services for the benefits of free shipping. While Netflix is even beyond reach with its more than 150 million devoted and resolute customers. The high-quality content and handpicked shows and movies are hard to give over any other new service. Not just for the elders in the house but also for kids, Netflix still rules.

 So, for Disney+, it might take time to compete with these two giants of the industry. Disney+ might be an advantage for some families with kids in the house but a lot of competition in the industry might give negative results.

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