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Germany Won’t Ban Huawei, If It Abides By The Rules

President of Bundesnetzagentur, Germany’s telecommunication regulator has reported to a news platform that none of the equipment suppliers which also include Huawei would be excluded. They said that Germany has no plans to exclude Huawei by taking part in the development of super high-speed internet i.e. 5G if it complies with all the rules and security requirements.

Jochen Homan has told the respective newspaper that he and his company is still waiting to see the proofs if Huawei can pose any security risk and also they roll out in the 5G buildup by following all the security requirements.

After the judgment of US government in which the Huawei’s equipment were banned in the United States due to threat data security, it was followed by many other countries like Japan, New Zealand and Australia but Huawei still claims that those details are false and unfounded. Huawei was held against the mounted devices which were considered as the espionage of Chinese with the help 5G network.

However, the European Union has completely ignored the statements of the US government to ban Huawei. On Monday, Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that his company will comply with cyber-security requirements of the European Union as well as will follow all the GDPR laws of their government. He also said that Germany has proposed the build up a unified global convention to block out all the vendor companies of the equipment that are being used in 5G build up from installing any backdoor and also they will be required to sign up a no-spy agreement.

Ren said that they will endorse these unified global standards to promote that installing backdoors is a potential crime and his company is signing this agreement because it is the most appropriate thing to do. Later he added that Huawei will be investing $100 billion dollars to research and develop better technology network with enhanced cyber-security and privacy for users.

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