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Alexa Garners Interest From Health Developers, But Has A Long Way To Go

The Amazon’s Alexa is now a HIPAA complaint that means you don’t have to step out or call for doctor’s appointment as Alexa can do it for you and it can check your medications too.

This week, Alexa has been announced as a certified HIPAA complaint and it will be working with many hospitals and top health providers which will be helping in managing the protective health data and records.

However, it is not still equipped with the feature of connecting with the therapist or any doctor which might be possible in a few years though. Developers mainly focused on the privacy of the health issues and your sensitive health information which might go into wrong hands. A famous news platform has reported that over a thousand of employees used the snippets from Alexa’s data to listen to and suggest the improvements in the product for the convenience of the users.

In the concerning matter, CEO of 98point6, a company that provides virtual medical consultation and assistance, Robbie Cap has said that to gain the trust of the users, Alexa would need better functioning like ensuring that it is talking to the right person and also there should be no one around who would be listening to that conversation.

Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace is also introducing voice assistance in its app for the users as it will help in virtual therapy. He said that he would reluctantly choose Alexa, although a lot of people choose Siri for voice typing yet Alexa can be trusted anytime to feed the personal data of customers. He also marked Alexa as a convenient mode of communication.

As per the reports, Amazon is still working to improve the Alexa with more technological advancements and better privacy features. They are also developing integrated earbuds which might be very helpful for the users to keep their conversation unheard from others.

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