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Israel’s Beresheet Space Probe Is All Set For A Remarkable Moon Landing

Only nations that have landed a spacecraft on moon in the history of space exploration are the U.S., China, and Russia. The records are all set to change when an Israeli probe tries to land on the surface of Earth’s moon and the probe is currently orbiting around the moon. The space probe is slated to land on the moon’s surface at around 4 p.m. ET. and is expected to settle on a dense lava plain on the moon nearside called as  Mare Serenitatis. Mare Serenitatis is also known as the Sea of Serenity. SpaceIL will do a live broadcast of the probe’s landing

After the touchdown, Beresheet which in Hebrew means “Genesis” will become the first Israeli spacecraft on the Earth’s moon. The event will also make the project as the first privately funded one to touch down the moon surface. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the destination site is almost a few hundred miles east of where the Apollo 15 has landed. The Beresheet is almost the size of a washing machine and has cost $100 million. On Feb. 21, the spacecraft was headed towards space by using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and has achieved the lunar orbit on April 4.

Recently, the probe has ignited its engines for around 78 seconds. The engines were fired to tighten the probe orbit around the Earth’s moon. As per the tweet of  SpaceIL officials, Beresheet has achieved a circular orbit above the moon and the orbit is of about 200 km and the probe will circle it once every two hours. As per Oded Aharonson, the lead of the mission’s science team, along with the cameras, Beresheet is housed with a magnetometer which will be used to get the readings of magnetism of the moon rocks. This could help researchers to know when and how the lunar accumulated its magnetic field.

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