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1mn Tesla Robotaxis On Road By 2020 Says Musk

Elon Musk of Tesla said that his company plans on putting robotaxis on road by 2020. He expects to get regulatory approval at least somewhere. Tesla CEO said that improvement of software is needed for self-driving vehicles to become a reality next year. All automobiles produced by Tesla today contain hardware on board that is needed for complete self-driving. He further predicts his company to successfully produce cars without pedals or steering wheels in upcoming 2yrs. He said that more than 1 million robotaxis will likely roam the streets by the coming year.

Musk has earlier exceeded its deadline, like the launch and release of Tesla’s Model X, the first ever all-electric SUV, happened a couple of years later than was initially fixed. Also, Tesla was 2yrs late in delivering to eager drivers semi-autonomous features. A hands-free or self-driving trip across America was scheduled to take place in 2017, but hasn’t taken place yet. Pete Bannon and Elon Musk together portrayed how the company’s most recent chips are capable of processing massive amounts of information rapidly, without significantly draining the batteries of the vehicles or heating up the systems. Bannon claims Tesla’s chips to be 7 times more functional and better than Nvidia’s Xavier chips. In reply to this, Nvidia claimed that its Drive AGS Pegasus delivers 320 TOPS of processing power, while Tesla’s new technology provides only 144 TOPS. Tesla’s chips are currently in the manufacturing state with Samsung.

Presently, advanced driver assistance system Autopilot is present in all Tesla cars. It provides facilities like automated brake application and acceleration and holding a vehicle in lane. FSD package costs about $5000 if installed post vehicle purchase and is claimed to be capable of reading and responding accordingly to traffic lights, in addition to driving automatically on city roads. However FSD cars are still not ‘driverless’ as active driver supervision is needed.

Although Musk claims Tesla cars to be 40% safer than other vehicles if Autopilot is engaged, 3 fatal accidents have been reported in America involving Tesla drivers while Autopilot was engaged. Shares of the company ended down around 4% on ‘Autonomy Day’.

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