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Rapid Weight Lifting Ability Can Extend The Lifespan

Recent research, presented at EuroPrevent 2019, proves that improvement in muscle power can prolong a person’s lifespan.

Author of the study, author Professor Claudio Gil Araújo, better clarify the difference between muscle power and muscle strength. He said that muscle power is required to accomplish the given physical task in a shorter period and muscle strength indicates holding or pushing the heavy the object for an extended period.

He also said that muscle power could be increased by identifying the best combination of weight being lifted with appropriate speed. Generally, people at the gym bother about the numbers of bars they are lifting without focusing on the rapidness of the task, which helps in improving their muscle strength only.

Around 3,878 non-athletes were registered for this analytical study extended for 15 Years. The age of the participants was between 41 and 85 Years. The majority of the candidates were males around 68%, candidates over 80 were only 5%, and the average age was 59 Years. The utmost value reached in 2-3 attempts with increasing weights was set as maximal muscle power and expressed in power/kg of body weight. Values were sorted into quartiles for survival analysis and evaluated separately based on gender.

By the mid of the study, 75 women and 247 men demised. Median power value for women and men were 1.4 watts/kg and 2.5 watts/kg, respectively.

Contestants with highest muscle power above the median in third and fourth quartile had a higher possibility of survival. Participants, who had maximal muscle power above the median in the first quartile were at 10–13 times higher risk of death and in the second quartile were at 4–5 times higher risk of dying.

The researchers are now trying to explore the link between muscle power and the appropriate reason behind death including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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