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Research Discovers Hospitals Are Contaminated With Infection-Causing MRSO

From the past several decades, doctors and nurses have been trying to avoid the spread of germs by regularly washing their hands. But recent study findings recommend the patients to follow this habit too.

In the study, 399 patients from different hospitals were examined. The research found that superbug antibiotic-resistant bacteria were present on the hands or nostrils of 14% of the patients at the early phase of admission. In addition, 33%of bacterial tests were positive for the objects they usually touch in the hospital rooms.

Six percent of the patients, who were initially tested negative for multi-drug resistant organisms (MRDOs) on their hands later tested positive during the stay in hospital. Around 20% of stuff present in the room had superbugs on them too.

The team involved in study restraints that the existence of MDROs on patients’ hands or other items present in their rooms does not certainly cause sickness in those patients. They also noticed that the primary mode of bacterial transmission in hospitals is healthcare workers.

Besides MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) testing, the study investigated for another type of superbugs, comprising VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococcus) and other resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Owing to extreme usage of antibiotics, these bacteria have gradually become resistant to the antibiotic or drug, which was once capable to kill them.

Over 700 visits were conducted by the research team to the rooms of patients at two hospitals. They took the samples from the patients’ bodies as well as the surfaces they usually touch during their stays. They were not able to examine rooms before the arrival of patients, and did not conduct any test on patients who were surgically treated, or stayed in intensive care units.

After conducting high-end tests with genetic fingerprinting techniques, the researchers found the two bacterial strains were present in nearly all the tested samples. However, the transmission flow of the germs is not yet confirmed through the technique.

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