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Humans Are Emotionally Attached To Their Robots!

The emotional responses to the virtually artificial agent robot are started in our human lives which tell us something more important and alarming thing.

Christal White, a 42 years old lady working as a marketing and customer service director in Bedford, Texas brought a cute Jibo robot which was perched in her home office several months ago. After two years, the Jibo robot had grated on her and also it danced and played some fun games with her kids and mingled with her family. But sometimes it is the naughtiest by interrupting her during conference calls.

White and her husband Peter had decided to move Jibo into the empty guest room upstairs already. One day, Jibo’s maker made a death sentence on the product as the business got collapsed and also the news arrived via Jibo itself said that its servers would be shutting down.

White’s heart got broken by the news she heard and said though you didn’t like but then you realized that you actually loved it from the beginning. The same type of emotional feeling for robots, so called virtual human interaction was experienced in different areas.

The Researcher Julie Carpenter said that the methods in which the robots are designed will influence the people’s feeling towards that object.

As the robots looks like human or pets, it gets fitted in our home and lives more easily. However, worrying that the robots were expressing the stimulated emotion back toward us, which was never the actual feeling or love. It was scripted actually.

How the robot works with the kids? The Dallas based startup Robo Kind introduced a robot called Milo which was designed exclusively to teach social behaviors for kids who have autism. It was now in about 400 schools and worked with many kids. It was meant to connect emotionally with the kids, which has human like speeches and facial expressions for three to five times a week for 30 minutes each.

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