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China Aims To Establish Moon Base In The Next 10 Years

Earlier this year, The Space Agency of China had been seen exploring the side of moon which is not visible from earth. China has become the first country in the world which has successfully done soft-landing on the earth’s only natural satellite. The rover even grew plants over the moon, will be in its final stage of the mission.

China’s development can be significantly seen as a rise of Space Power along with nations like the U.S and Russia. While the U.S and Russia have spent decades researching and developing deep space technologies, China’s quick rise to prominence is surely at the attention of the whole world.

The mission was declared on a local Chinese news agency, made a headline during the time. China’s head of the National Space Administration had stated this news during China’s Space day celebration.

The agency’s upcoming plans may include launching the successor of Chang’e-4 lander which may presumably name as the Chang’e-5 lander. This new mission is planned to collect and test the lunar material before transporting them back to the earth. This mission is proposed to launch around the end of 2019 or early 2020.

China may also look forward to launch a Mars probe in the year around 2020.

Plans of building a base on the moon is long withheld by superpowers like U.S and Russia. But China has planned to build a research station at the far end of the moon near the South Pole. This base will be implemented in further research on the human bodies in alien environments. In order to achieve this feat China’s space agency has estimated that this mission may take more than a decade to accomplish.

Such bases on the moon will perform as a launch bases for the future explorations of deep and interstellar space.

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